GPS Trackers


Obtain information on affordable but superior GPS trackers such as Samsung-branded GPS trackers.

Early Findings

GPS Trackers

Samsung SM-V110AZWAATT SmartThings Tracker

Trak-4 GPS Tracker

Primetracking Personal GPS Tracker

Summary of Findings:

Our initial research provided information on three examples of affordable GPS trackers. We also selected those that have higher user ratings (4 stars or more) in e-commerce sites such as Amazon as a quality indicator. We also selected those that have relatively low prices based on the product listings in e-commerce sites.

Proposed next steps:

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We propose to continue with the research to provide 8 to 10 additional GPS tracker brands. We will focus on finding Samsung brands first before including other brands. We will also focus on those that have lower price points based on comparison sites or the lists from e-commerce sites. For each product found, we will provide the brand name, 1-2 sentence description about the product, price, rating or any 1-2 positive review example/s, and 1-2 e-commerce sites that sell the product. As there was no geographic focus provided to us, we are assuming a US focus. If a more broad approach is desired, for example, a global focus, this would have to be clearly communicated to us in any reply.
We also recommend undertaking additional research to provide 5-7 factors to consider when choosing the right GPS trackers.