Research Outline

COVID-19 Impact on Gym Usage in Australia


To understand how COVID-19 has impacted gyms and fitness centers and their usage in Australia in order to deduce the trends in gym usage by Australian consumers in due course. Specifically, we will provide:
  • The number of gym members/memberships in Australia and the variation over time.
  • Annual gym visits and how has this changed over time.
    • As available, provide a breakdown by month and state. However, prioritize data specific to Victoria and New South Wales.
  • Consumer sentiment regarding continued gym usage (i.e. do consumers want in-person gym as a mainstay in their fitness routine?)
    • Focus on numerical data regarding an increase in intentions to visit the gym as a result of an increasing health consciousness
    • Focus on qualitative data points such as quotes from consumers or experts.
  • Already identified sources include the Australian Gyms and Fitness Centres industry report by IBISWorld and a follow-up Excel version.