Research Outline

Debt Settlement Law Firms


To locate debt settlement law firms in primarily Texas, but to also include Florida and Arizona and complete a competitive landscape. The competitive landscape should include number of customers along with the customary information included. Also, to provide a customer profile and demographics.

Early Findings

Texas Law Firms for Debt Settlement

Results of Initial Research

  • At this point, it seems the best thing is to continue going through the database and locating firms that meet the criteria. While, performing a competitive landscape is not necessarily needed for all the companies, it would be very helpful to get a total number of firms in Texas, then performing an analysis on a select few.
  • For Florida and Arizona, it is recommended that we locate the total number of firms, and then complete an analysis on a lower number of companies for each (1-3).
  • Unless the companies share their number of customers, this might be a difficult number to locate. Revenue could also be a useful data point if it is available.