Research Proposal

Embedded Analytics and Business Intelligence


To obtain high level information about the embedded analytics market to include growth, number of organizations using business intelligence in their products, how it's evolving and how sophisticated organizations are using it. This will be used to better understand the subsegment.

Early Findings

Embedded analytics market

  • In 2019, the global embedded analytics market size was $34.5 billion, with the projection to see a CAGR of 14.21% between 2020 and 2025. It is expected to be valued at $67.04 billion by 2025.
  • Some key players in the market are Oracle Corporation, SAS Institute, Inc., International Business Machines Corporation, SAP SE and Microsoft Corporation.
  • Entelo's survey found that 40.5% of enterprises are interested in using artificial intelligence.
  • North America has the largest share of the embedded analytics market while Asia-Pacific is the fastest growing market.

Business intelligence market

  • The global business intelligence market was valued at $20.81 billion in 2018 and has a projection to see a CAGR of 12% between 2019 and 2024.
  • Some key players in the market include "Rackspace US, Inc., SAP SE, Microsoft Corporation, Cisco Systems, Inc., SAS Institute Inc., GoodData Corporation, TARGIT A/S (Gro Capital A/S), International Business Machines Corporation, VMware, Inc., Tableau Software, Inc".
  • The growth of the business intelligence market is partly due to the increase in penetration of internet globally.
  • It is being used by more companies because it helps to provide real-time performance measurement, better estimation of threats and opportunities, enhanced communication and reduced equipment downtime among other factors.

Use of business intelligence

  • In 2018, companies with the highest rate of business intelligence penetration were small businesses that had a maximum of 100 employees.
  • In 2018, there was a decline in the number of business intelligence vendors who offered perpetual on-premises licensing but those who offered subscription licensing increased for on-premises license as well as public cloud models.
  • Companies use BI to increase their revenue, gain competitive advantage and improving operational efficiencies.
  • Areas that were mostly using BI in 2018 include "Human Resources (7.3%), Marketing (5.9%), BICC (5.1%) and Sales (5%)".


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