Koleen Diaz


To investigate Koleen Diaz for a potential brand partnership.

Early Findings

  • Koleen Diaz, also known as Leeny, has 1.43 million subscribers on YouTube. She specializes in lifestyle, fashion and beauty (makeup and hair) content.
  • Her channel has been active since January 2012.
  • On Instagram, Ms. Diaz has 619,000 followers. She only has 68 posts, so it appears this is a fairly new platform for Ms. Diaz.
  • Instagram engagement is high, though. Her most recent post had 65,700 likes and 186 comments.
  • Her Twitter profile has 88,300 followers.
  • Ms. Diaz is 22 years old and was born in the Phillipines. Her "morning routine" videos are the most popular.
  • She tags companies and brands in her posts, but it is unclear if Ms. Diaz has a working relationship with these brands or is just personally endorsing them. Some sample brands include Revolve, The M Jewelers, Suicoke, Bingeonvintage and Aporro.
  • She has partnered with ColorPop to offer viewers a discount code.
  • She has sponsored content from Invisalign.

Research proposal:

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