Research Outline

Compare Real Estate Platforms


We begin our research by comparing real estate platforms OJO Labs, OpCity, Homelight, and Referral Exchange and outlining niche similarities and successes. We will include a list of categories that some have while others do not, i.e. mobile app, free trials, hidden fees, in a cohesive visual display.

Early Findings

  • All four platforms offer internet and mobile app capabilities offering technology tools that will help you better serve home sellers and buyers.
  • OJO Labs is a patented conversational machine working in tandum with real-time audiences.
  • OJO Labs' platform offers meaningful conversation to match consumer's personal wants and needs.
  • HomeLight's platform technology crunches numbers to determine a real estate agent or instant offer company for customers, in which agents agree to pay a 25% share of commission.
  • HomeLight's web protal includes HomeLight Elite, HomeLight Cash Close puts the power of buying and selling a home in the customers hands to obtain the best outcome.
  • OpCity operates on a referral fee basis offering no upfront costs for prescreened and live-transfer of leads, and agents pay commissions only on close.
  • OpCity's agent matching technology connects clients tot he right agents with real-time accessibility with a texting platform called Riley.
  • Referral Exchange uses a proprietary lead verfication system to determine if leads are real and able to be contacted.
  • Referral Exchange supports real estate sources, i.e. Market Leader, Zinc,, and Zillow.