Broadcat and True Office Learning Partnership


To provide details on the partnership between Broadcat and True Office Learning and how this would help Broadcat expand its capabilities and improve its services.

Early Findings

Unfortunately, while there are a few press releases that report on the partnership between Broadcat and true Office learning, there is surprisingly very little information about the partnership and its effect on both companies. We mainly tried to gather information by going through industry reports and trusted media articles but other than the few reports on the partnership, there was no other available information. We also tried to go through each company's press releases but the information presented there was the same as in the other reports.
  • True Office Learning is "a leading enterprise education and analytics company that connects e-learning to advanced behavioral data through an adaptive technology platform to drive business results."
  • Since their inception, the company has helped over 1,000 companies and 7.5 million learners around the world.
  • Broadcat, a company that was founded in 2015, is similar to True Office Learning as it also offers training solutions for the compliance curriculum including "anti-corruption, workplace harassment, code of conduct and cybersecurity resources".
  • Through their partnership, True Office Learning will be able to include job aids, leadership talking points, and support materials for compliance teams to reinforce and build upon the subject matter learned in their courses.
  • Not only that but Broadcat's solutions offer compliance programs that can be applied directly to the workflow of the company as they contain bundled kits ready to be directly customized for the company.
  • The specific tools will be paired with True Office Learning's predictive analytics tool, which could also be used by Broadcat to gather a lot of useful data from customers and better adjust their offerings to help the customers.
  • While Broadcat has already been recognized "as a best practice in behavioral compliance by the Temple Law Review", they are still a very young company. Their exposure to the client base of the much-bigger True Office Learning will undoubtedly help Broadcat to get the recognition and market penetration to help them grow even faster.

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