Research Outline

Orthopedic care hospitals marketing spend


To have a number or numbers on how much orthopedic care hospitals in the US are spending on marketing as a proportion of their total revenue.

Early Findings

General Orthopedic Marketing Spend Info

  • There were no reports that overviewed orthopedic marketing spends, but Fierce Healthcare did note that hospitals are increasingly trying to connect with patients by noting how their services are different.
  • Johns Hopkins Medicine for example is promoting how hard they'll work to get patients in their orthopedic and sports medicine programs back to normal activity quickly after treatment.
  • Healthcare providers spent upwards of $10 billion on advertising in 2017, with hospitals the largest sub-category of that and an estimated $4.90 billion in local advertising in the U.S. that year.
  • In New York hospitals spent $16.52 per capita on advertising, and in Houston that figure was $19.81 per capita.

Orthopedic Spend by Hospital

  • We found that all orthopedic care hospitals (eg Texas Orthopedic and TOSH - Orthopedic Speciality Hospital) are private, and therefore their marketing spend isn't publicly available.
  • Most orthopedic care is integrated into bigger hospitals, and most of these are also private. There are a few lists of investor-owned hospitals, which would in turn have publicly available annual reports and possibly a marketing spend breakdown, and none of these lists include orthopedic-only hospitals.
  • Universal Health Services, for example, in their annual report, noted a global revenue of $10.7 billion, (they cover the US and the UK only), but they don't have a detailed breakdown of their marketing spend. What they note is that "our marketing efforts continue to reach key audiences with relevant meaningful content that differentiates our hospital brands in the minds of consumers. We seek to be top-of-mind in the markets in which we operate. "

Available Information

  • Market and industry reports tend to be for orthopedic products like software and implants rather than for care in general.
  • Other reports that are more general, tend to have a global scope. This one, for example, states that the orthopedic industry's revenue reached $51 billion worldwide in 2018 and grew +3.5% over 2017, but there are no figures on marketing spend.
  • The Orthopedic Design & Technology magazine, for example, had no content on marketing or advertising, but lots of content on trending products.