Research Outline

Gut Health Trends


To understand how trends in gut health have performed over the past 6 months.

Early Findings

  • A Forbes article from July 2020 calls gut health the "next big wellness trend". It interviews the founder of a product startup that aims to break into this industry.
  • In the interview, the founder specifically points to widening the scope of marketing gut health, choosing to make their product more accessible and less confusing/scientific. This includes using condition-specific naming conventions on the product labeling instead of something else like ingredients-focused.
  • Additionally, COVID-19 is predicted to increase consumers' interest in long-lasting immune health, of which they are realizing gut health is a component of.
  • One expert cited that in the past five years, internet searches for gut health have increased 669%.
  • Additionally, interest in previously lesser-known sources of digestive health nutrients like juices, bars and hot beverages have also grown in popularity.
  • Kerry Group has identified an opportunity in growing consumer interest in digestive health and the potential it brings to the food service industry. OOH can easily adapt to this trend.

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