Industrial Crane Control Equipment


To identify the US and Global market size of Industrial Crane Control Equipment (both DC and AC) and how much of it will be converting to smart controls in the coming years.

Early Findings

AC Crane Controls

AC Variable Frequency Drive (VFD).

  • Variable Frequency Controls have become an industry standard for crane control, as AC Variable Frequency Drives "provide greater reliability; enhance performance; improve production throughput; prolong equipment life; and reduce maintenance costs, parts, and personnel."
  • Variable Frequency Drives "provide the crane or hoist user with a variety of operating modes and a wide range of options."
  • The use of AC as a power source is growing, especially for new installations in paper mills, steel mills, bulk materials handling, shipyards, and other areas.
  • "Variable Frequency Drives have revolutionized the market for high-performance AC Crane Controls, currently surpassing the torque control and speed regulation capabilities of DC shunt motor control."
  • The Global Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) market is "forecasted to grow from USD 20.73 billion in 2018 to USD 27.57 billion by 2023, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 5.87%."
  • "The primary advantages of AC drives include increased energy savings and reduced levels of noise and vibrations."

DC Crane Controls


  • For the initial hour, we tried identifying as much of the requested information as possible. We were mainly able to identify some general insights on AC and DC Crane Controls. We found that Variable Frequency Controls have become an industry standard for AC crane controls and we also found the Global market size for the Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), in general. The US market size for the VFD market did not appear publicly available.
  • We were also able to identify some general insights on DC Crane Controls, but information on its US and Global market size also did not appear immediately available in this search. However, we found that modernization efforts include replacing older controls with either Digital DC Controls or DC Digital Static Drivers. We were unable to immediately identify a market size for these controls as it relates to cranes. However, we did come across a market size on the Global DC Motor Control Devices (in general), which might be of interest.
  • The overall US and Global market size on industrial Smart crane controls, its percentage on the total industrial crane control device market, and the penetration of Smart crane controls in the market, also did not appear immediately available in this search.
  • We can also continue the research to identify general insights on the use of IoT in cranes if this is also of interest.
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