Popular Marketing Technology Categories


To be aware of the most popular marketing technologies and tools by identifying the most popular marketing technology categories and the most popular tools in each of these categories. The industries of interest are higher education, member-based associations, grant-making foundations, and healthcare/hospital systems.

Early Findings

General Industry

According to Gartner, "marketers looking to invest in marketing technology should focus on these six categories":
  • Customer Data Platform
  • Artificial Intelligence for Marketing
  • Blockchain for Advertising
  • Real-time Marketing
  • Multitouch Attribution
  • Conversational Marketing

Specific Industry: Higher Education

Most higher education institutions have these core marketing technology (Martech) tools:

Website Content Management System

  • This is "used to publish and maintain content on the website." It has these core set of features: "page editor, menu management, publishing workflows, permissions, and content reuse tools. "

Marketing Automation

  • The platforms for marketing automation "are used for tracking and triggering email campaigns." This usually happens "after a user takes an action on the website." This is also "usually used to send out bulk emails."
  • Examples of typical tools: Pardot, Hubspot, Marketo, and the whole Salesforce Marketing Cloud

CRM Software

  • This is used in holding the customer and prospecting data. This is "the system of record for customer data." All of the data captured by email, marketing automation or personalization engines are centralized in the CRM.
  • Examples of typical tools: Banner, Jenzabar, Slate, Salesforce, Hobsons

Personalization Engine

  • This "employs website and profile data to make real-time customizations to the content on website" and may also be used to personalize emails.

Analytics Engine

  • This provides "quantitative insights on user interaction on the website and marketing channels." This is useful in giving insights on how to improve marketing communications strategies.

Business Intelligence

  • This allows for "data analysis across all platforms" enabling marketers "to dig deeper into the data and find insights."

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