US Stainless Steel Prices


To inform product pricing by identifying the price of Stainless Steel in the US across all possible grades on a daily basis for the past three months (in USD or % changes). Preferably, results will be presented in a table/spreadsheet.

Early Findings

US Steel Prices

  • Initial research indicates that publicly available information regarding US Stainless Steel prices is generally piece-meal (i.e., limited to certain types of Steel products, available only within a graph, limited to certain dates/periods). For example:
    • MetalMiner provides a free graph of the daily price for 304 2B SHEET Stainless Steel in the US from January 2012 through April of 2020. However, given the fact that this daily information is not available for export/download, it is unlikely that a complete set of daily information for the period of the past three months may be accurately pulled.
    • Rockaway Recycling publishes daily information on the price of 304 Stainless Steel (Non-Magnetic), however information prior to June 29, 2020 does not appear to be readily available for free.
    • Scrap Monster provides daily Stainless Steel prices in the US for 201 SS, 301 SS, 304 SS Solid, 304 SS Turning, 309 SS, 310 SS, 316 SS Solid and 330 SS grades on a daily basis, however daily price data outside of the period between April 7, 2020 and April 16, 2020 is available only under a paid subscription.
    • SteelOrbis offers daily Stainless Steel scrap prices in the US for HRC, Scrap, Rebar and Coated products, however daily price data is available only under a paid subscription.
  • Despite the fact that daily price data for US Stainless Steel is generally behind paywalls, the research team identified detailed bi-weekly information from SteelBenchmarker that provides information from the past three months.
  • Specifically, SteelBenchmarker published a report (link here) that provides bi-weekly US Stainless Steel prices for the following grades: Hot-rolled Band, Cold-rolled Coil, Standard Plate, Rebar and Steel Scrap.
  • This data is provided in the form of both graphs as well as detailed tables, that include the price, dollar change and percentage change on a bi-weekly basis.

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