Skincare Industry Acquisitions


Provide 3-4 examples of recent acquisitions in the skincare industry, including company details of valuation before acquisition, time established before purchase, and revenue data.

Early Findings

Recent years have seen extensive skincare/beauty acquisitions and mergers, particularly in 2019-2020.

Acquisition of Tatcha by Unilever

  • Tatcha is a Japanese skincare brand that uses anti-aging ingredients in its products.
  • Tatcha was founded in 2009 and was in operation for about 10 years before acquisition by Unilever.
  • While official values of the acquisition were not made public, estimates reach $500 million for the purchase. Other sources verify this $500 million acquisition value.
  • Tatcha reported sales of approximately $70 million in 2018 before the acquisition in July of 2019.
  • Tatcha's funding round in 2017 generated $15 million.
  • This acquisition was part of numerous beauty and skincare company purchases by Unilever that have reached $2.26 billion in acquisition costs.

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