Research Outline

Top Politicians By Marketing Spend


To identify the top 100 democrat and top 100 republican politicians based on digital and non digital marketing spend. This information should include the name of the politician, email address, company, and average monthly spend. The information will be used to pitch a performance branding service.

Early Findings

TV Advertising

  • To date $778 million has been spent on television advertising by the Presidential candidates. It is of note that the spending has more than halved since the full effects of COVID-19 virus started to be felt.
  • Tom Steyer spent $146,650 in February 2020 on Anti-Trump TV advertising in Nevada.
  • Donald Trump spent $2,246,330 on national Anti-Clinton, Economy, Pro-Trump, Impeachment, and International Affairs TV advertising in October 2019.
  • Michael Bloomberg spent $144,620 in February 2020 on national education, health, guns, and energy TV advertising.
  • Tom Steyer spent $97,710 in February 2020 on Nevada energy/environmental advertising in February 2020. He spent $2,910,100 in California, $981,670 in Massachusetts, $801,420 in South Carolina, and $598,480 in Iowa.
  • Michael Bloomberg spent $31 million on advertising in the last week of November 2019. He plans to spend more than $500 million in digital advertising over the 2020 campaign.


  • We have spent our initial hour of research attempting tho locate a central database or record of politician marketing spends. Unfortunately, no such record was located in the public domain. This presents some difficulties going forward, as the research is likely to be piecemeal and time-consuming. We suggest that the research be broken down into the Senate, Congress, and Presidential candidates. It is going to be difficult to identify the top 100 spenders based on party, so we would focus identifying 100 of the top politicians based on marketing spend (either Democrat or Republican). This would be divided among the Senate and Congress.

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