Content Marketing Strategy Best Practices


  • To create a list of well-defined content marketing strategy best practices in both audio specific content marketing and in content marketing overall, regardless of media type.

Early Findings

  • A content marketing strategy should contain the following components: your business model, purpose and goals, differentiated editorial mission, and your audience personas and buyer's journey.
  • Before a content market strategy can be developed, companies must create audience personas. Knowing exactly who they are marketing to enables companies to create effective, targeted marketing.
  • Creating blog posts that are meaningful, relevant, readable, and engaging to attract and keep your audience's attention.
  • Creating high-quality content based on topic and keyword research, backed by credible sources and linked reliably. A broken link will never help your content marketing strategy.
  • Using social media as a marketing tool. Content shared on social media should be worth sharing - engaging and conversation generating. Social media can also be used to build a bond with your customers. One way this can be done is by interacting with your customers on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.
  • Incorporate humor into your content to attract your customer's attention and to keep them engaged. Humor doesn't have to be over-the-top to be effective, but even the most serious topics can use appropriate humor to lighten the mood.
  • Ask questions through your content as a way to learn about your customers' interests and pain points. You must engage with customers who answer these questions either by sharing additional related information or answer any questions customers may ask.
  • Use infographics and videos to break up text and deliver content in ways some customers may find more appealing and engaging. Engaging videos can grab and keep your customer's attention while you present your content. Infographics can provide key parts of your content, facts or statistics, in an easy-to-read format.

  • Podcasts should be created for the industry your company operates in rather than for your specific business. A podcast about a specific topic in or aspect of your industry that affects both your business and your industry, in general, is more likely to attract the attention of a wider audience than a podcast devoted to just your individual business is.
  • Voice search optimization is a more recently developed best audio-specific content marketing best practice. Optimizing for voice searches, or using voice SEO involves altering keywords to reflect how people speak, taking into consideration things like dialect.

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