Research Outline

New Health Brand Launches


To find brands in the healthcare, health diagnostics, telemedicine or ePharmacy spaces that have launched in the wake of Covid-19 to provide alternative health experiences for consumers, in order to inform decisions on a brand launch. Alternatively, if no brand launches are found, details on companies that have pivoted to offer alternative health experiences amidst the pandemic would be helpful

Early Findings

  • Tomorrow Health launched on April 28, 2020, with the goal of simplifying the process of obtaining in-home healthcare equipment and supplies. Although the company launched during the coronavirus pandemic, there is no indication the launch was in reaction to the pandemic, but it is possible Covid-19 accelerated the company's timetable.
  • Change Healthcare is not a new company, they launched in 2005, but they did launch a new suite of solutions that are designed to support companies operating in the telehealth space.
  • Epic and the Cleveland Clinic launched a tool for home monitoring of Covid-19 patients, that was launched at the end of April. The program was made available to other health organizations to use as well.
  • Epic also partnered with Twilio to "embed a new telehealth platform into its software that will allow clinicians to launch a virtual visit with patients directly within the EHR."
  • Sentinel Healthcare partnered with UT Health Austin to launch a quarantine management platform that will allow doctors to remotely monitor patients and to be notified if symptoms indicate that direct care is required.
  • Babylon Health partnered with Mount Sinai Health Partners to make their AI based app for diagnosis and video appointments available to their patients. The app includes a Covid-19 Care Assistant. Although the app is not new, the company is expanding into a new market with the Mount Sinai partnership.
  • Vault, a company that provides in-home medical services for men, launched in March, but there is no indication it was in response to the pandemic.

Summary of Findings

  • Our initial research focused on finding new companies in the healthcare space that had launched as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. While we did find two launches that happened since the onset of the pandemic, Tomorrow Health and Vault, there was no indication these launches were related to the pandemic.
  • We changed our focus to companies that had pivoted to launch products relative to Covid-19 that will provide ongoing opportunities even after the pandemic is over. This allowed us to find several products.
  • It is likely that not many companies were found that launched as a result of the pandemic due to the fact that the time frame since the virus was discovered is short, and it takes time for new companies to develop their products and launch. It is easier for established companies to create a new offering.