Research Outline

Internation Sports Federations


To find out information about international sports federations including
  • Which sports other than mainstream (NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA) have international federations.
  • Which belong to the Olympics.
  • The official data partners of the federations.
  • Major clients of each federation.
  • Financial structures of partnerships for each federation e.g. revenue share or payments for rights.

Early Findings

Data Availability

  • The initial round of research indicates that each federation listed below has a website with basic membership and financial information available.


  • International sports associations that participate in the Olympics belong to the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF), the Association of International Olympic Winter Sports Federations (AIOWF), and the Association of IOC Recognized International Sports Federations (ARISF).
  • A comprehensive list of the international sports federations that belong to the Olympics includes:
    • Badminton World Federation
    • Fédération internationale d'haltérophilie (Weightlifting)
    • International Association Football Federation (Soccer)
    • International Basketball Federation
    • International Biathlon Union
    • International Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation
    • International Canoe Federation
    • International Equestrian Federation
    • International Fencing Federation
    • International Golf Federation
    • International Gymnastics Federation
    • International Handball Federation
    • International Hockey Federation
    • International Ice Hockey Federation
    • International Judo Federation
    • International Luge Federation
    • International Modern Pentathlon Union
    • International Shooting Sport Federation
    • International Skating Union
    • International Ski Federation
    • International Surfing Association
    • International Swimming Federation
    • International Table Tennis Federation
    • International Tennis Federation
    • International Volleyball Federation
    • The International Federation of Sport Climbing
    • Union Cycliste Internationale
    • United World Wrestling
    • World Archery Federation
    • World Athletics
    • World Baseball Softball Confederation
    • World Curling Federation
    • World Karate Federation
    • World Rowing
    • World Rugby
    • World Sailing
    • World Skate
    • World Taekwondo
    • World Triathlon
    • Recognized Federations, which in the 2020 Olympics included Baseball-Softball, Karate, Roller sports, Sport climbing and Surfing

International Golf Federation (IGF)

  • The International Golf Federation is made up of 151 amateur golf federations from 146 countries. Thirty-three of the National federations participated in this year's Olympics. It also includes 22 professional golf associations including but not limited to the PGA, the International Federation of PGA Tours and individual PGA associations for tournaments.
  • The only data partnership currently reported in the IGF annual report is a project where the IGF is sharing data with a medical committee that is working to collect "systematic and harmonized epidemiological data in order to have more robust data to inform injury and illness prevention strategies in golf."
  • The IGF's clients include the aforementioned amateur and professional golf associations. The IGF also "acts as a consultative body and link between active athletes and ensures that their interests are protected."
  • The latest annual report from the IGF shows that the federation earns income from IOC, Youth Olympic Games, Subscriptions for championships and other income. The federation is currently operating in the red.


  • Within the first hour, we have been able to provide insight into the global sports federations. We have presented a list of all sports federations that are part of the Olympic Committee.
  • As an example of the kind of information we were able to find with one hour, we provided an overview of the International Golf Federation, the countries which belong through the amateur channel and the professional associations with membership, as well as an analysis of their data partnerships and revenue streams.
  • For a deeper dive into the rest of the sports, we recommend further research. Details on our recommended research paths have been provided in our proposals below.
  • For all our research, we would focus on the Global federations unless directed otherwise.