Research Proposal

Canadian Kitchen Renovation Trends


To understand kitchen renovation trends in Canada with a focus on what's available in home improvement retailers, this will be used for a business pitch.

Early Findings

  • In 2018, the top 4 home improvement retailers in Canada were Home Depot Canada, (16.9%), Lowe's Canada (15%), Home Hardware (13.3%), and Canadian Tire Retail (12.2%).
  • The trends that were influencing Canadian renovation spending in 2018 were increased investment in appliances and private labels. Additionally, home improvement retailers are also improving their e-commerce and offering customers an omnichannel approach.
  • Both Home Depot and Lowe’s have been putting more emphasis on heavy appliances. Lowe's has "been rolling out appliances in 100 RONA stores across the country while Home Depot has also expanded its appliance department and increased its range of decorative building materials, including flooring and paint."
  • "Canadian Tire and Lowe’s have also been increasing their private brand selections for consumers."
  • In 2018, Renovation Projects And Home Construction (RONA) started offering "parcel shipments, allowing customers to shop online and have their order delivered almost anywhere in the country in one to two days. This service complements the in-store pickup and truck delivery services they introduced in 2017. " They are offering their customers more convenience, since "customers can shop when they want and how they want."

Canadian Preferences

  • Canadian consumers are looking for "a sense of control and peace. Painting helps homeowners create their own quiet oasis" at home. Calming colors or shades like pink, yellow, and blue have become popular choices for homeowners renovating in Canada.
  • Botanical, florals, turquoise, navy blues, deep reds, and rich greens are also emerging as popular painting trends in Canadian homes.

Renovations in Canada

  • "A majority of Canadians research pricing before hiring a home service professional for both major renovations and repairs (88% and 83%, respectively)."
  • A 2019 survey of over 1,000 Canadian homeowners found that 20% planned major kitchen renovations in the next 12 months.
  • In the same survey, 24% of Ontarians planned on upgrading their kitchens in the next 12 months, followed by 15% of the Atlantic provinces.
  • Millennial homeowners were the most inclined to undergo a kitchen renovation at 28%, followed by Generation X at 24%, Boomers at 16%, and the Silent Generation at 11%.
  • " 88% of Canadian homeowners researched home service professionals by reading reviews before making a purchasing decision, and 80% of consumers said they trusted online reviews as much as a personal recommendation from friends or family."
  • A 2018 Canada Houzz & Home Renovation Trends study surveyed over 14,288 Canadian homeowners and found "28% of homeowners reporting renovations to their kitchens. Kitchens were also listed as the most expensive room to renovate, with homeowners spending a median of $12,000 for a kitchen over 8 square meters."


  • For the initial hour, we tried identifying as much of the requested information as possible. We were able to identify some insights on home improvement retailer trends, as well as Canadian preferences in home renovations.
  • Our research found that trends specific to kitchen renovations in Canada appeared limited, but there were more insights on home renovations in Canada as a whole.
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