Fintech Products in Germany and the UK


Identify the top FinTech products focused on savings accounts in Germany and the UK and determine the top trends and features in the industry in order to understand who the top competitors are and why they are leading the market.

Early Findings

Main Players

  • Germany
    • There are 295 FinTech companies active in Germany, with the highest concentration in Berlin.
    • Some of the best-funded players in the FinTech industry in Germany include BATS Global Markets, Kreditech, N26, Compeon, and Smava.
    • In 2017, the fintech companies with the largest funding deals were Kreditech, Scalable Capital, Raisin, solarisBank, and simplesurance.
    • By valuation, in 2019 the top fintech companies in Germany were N26, Wefox, Raisin, Desposit Solutions, and Smava.
  • UK
    • By valuation, in 2019 the top fintech companies in the UK were Greensill, Transferwise, Oaknorth, Monzo, and Funding Circle.
    • By funding, the top fintech companies in the UK are Funding Circle, Transferwise, LANDBAY, Prodigy Finance, and Atom.
    • Some UK fintech firms that are focusing on savings accounts include AlbaCo, Chip, Dozens, Fiinu, Tandem, and Marcus.

Saving Account Products

  • Raisin, a German fintech company, helps its customers move their money into higher-yielding savings accounts. Raisin has 185,000 customers and is increasing steadily.
  • Raisin's model has spurred a $28 million investment from Goldman Sachs, as the bank is predicting that the European Central Bank will push interest rates lower, making Raisin's service more attractive.
  • Chip, a UK-based fintech company, averages data from over 180 million transactions and ccross-references the data with the demographic profile of each client to calculate how a customer can afford to save. Then, it automatically transfers that money to a savings account.
  • Tandem, a UK-based fintech firm, announced in March 2019its "Autosavings" account. This account uses machine learning to calculate how much money customers can afford to save and makes recommendations based on that information.

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