Research Outline

Company List: Global NASDAQ Exchanges to NASDAQ U.S.


To develop a list of companies that have switched from the NASDAQ exchanges across the globe to the NASDAQ U.S., with information pertaining to departure dates and price per share, and IPO dates and price per share once listed to NASDAQ U.S.

Early Findings

  • Ten largest stock exchanges in the world: Bombay, Toronto, London, Shenzhen, Euronext, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, NASDAQ, NYSE.
  • A list of NASDAQ exchanges can be obtained via Google search. The information can be used to list each NASDAQ exchange outside the US to develop the list of companies that have switched to NASDAQ US trading: NASDAQ Baltic, NASDAQ Vilnius, NASDAQ First North, NASDAQ Riga, NASDAQ Tallinn, Boston Stock Exchange, NASDAQ Stockholm, NASDAQ Copenhagen, NASDAQ Ireland, NASDAQ Nordic (this list may need updating).
  • Link provided for the Google spreadsheet to begin listing companies.