Research Proposal

Istation Profile


The goal is to compile a company profile of Istation that includes their product, revenues and reach (number of users), pricing and sales model.

Early Findings

  • The most recent revenue we found for Istation is $100 million.
  • Istation serves over 4 million students in the US and other countries.
  • The company was founded in 1998 in Dallas, Texas.
  • They offer reading, math, and Spanish language programs.
  • Their vision is to "make every student feel like a superhero".
  • Their curriculum uses the "super seven essentials", which they designed. These essentials are: formative assessments, adaptive curriculum, personalized data reports, teacher resources, school-to-home connection, professional development, and proven results.
  • Pricing is not available unless one contacts Istation's sales team.
  • The programs are available to students via mobile and desktop apps.
  • Each student takes an initial assessment and then is provided with a program based on their results.
  • In terms of sales methods, the company asks customers to contact their sales team, but offers feature brochures and case studies on their website.
  • The company also shows many testimonial videos on their website.
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