Catheter Usage - United States.


To determine the Catheter market in the United States by specifically identifying the common health conditions which require catheter usage, Catheter usage patterns, and the demographic data of people who use Catheters in the United States.

Early Findings

Common Health Conditions That Require Catheter Usage

A health care provider may recommend that a patient uses a Catheter if they are suffering from;

Demographic Data for Catheter Users

  • According to the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), over 250,000 surgical procedures are carried out annually in the United States for BPH. Urinary incontinence is associated with growing older, and it affects around 200 million people globally.
  • A third of people in the United States between the age of 30 years and 70 years old encounter loss of bladder control.

Catheter Usage Patterns

  • The Catheter can stay intact depending on the type of Catheter it is, the material its made of, and the frequency of infections the patient gets or blockages. A Catheter can be used for between 2 weeks and 12 weeks.
From the initial one-hour research, we were able to find some information into the Catheter market in the United States. Due to time limits, we were not able to exhaust the topic entirely.

Proposed next steps:

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We recommend continuing the research to provide a more detailed analysis of the Catheter market in the United States. Specifically 1) The demographic information for people who use Catheters. We will provide information on the population (i.e., age, gender, and income as available). 2) For the Catheter Usage patterns, we would continue the research and provide expert advice/statements concerning how many catheters are typically used by the average patient in a given month, i.e., how often should Catheters be changed. We will look at credible medical sources/websites and information from Catheter manufacturing companies. As available, we will also provide the user's testimonies from their experiences using the Catheter and their preferences.
We also recommend continuing the research to provide 5 to 7 side effects of using the Catheter. For each, we will name the side effect and give a brief description of the side effect.