Research Outline

Independent Strategic Consulting Market


Identify the TAM market size and growth of the independent strategic consulting market in the United States and/or Globally. Findings should include specific data related to independent consults growth including estimates and projection of the growth of Independent consultants in strategy - Marketing/Communications/Innovation and Design vs. other Independent Consultants e.g. Management, Operations, Finances, etc.

Early Findings


  • In our initial search, we did a high-level analysis of the market reports and media publications available regarding the independent strategic consulting market in the United States or Globally. Through this search, we determined that the TAM for independent strategic consulting is not publicly available precompiled, however, we do believe that there is enough data available to cross-reference intersecting markets in order to triangulate an estimate of the TAM.
  • In addition, we found some publications available regarding the growth of independent management and/or strategic consultants both globally and in the United States. This suggests that a deeper dive into this research should produce comprehensive results.

Expert Opinions

  • According to experts, the independent sector of management consulting is the fastest growing sector globally with a rise in independent consultants working with SMEs in all business verticles with the United States leading the independent sector.
  • In 2021, 90% of corporate consultants in the United States stated that they were interested in offering a hybrid staffing model for strategy consulting to provide independent consultant offerings to clients.
  • Experts believe that the pandemic will continue to drive growth of the independent sector as cost-controls continue and workforces adapt to work from home models.
  • 80% of experts expect the growth to continue post-pandemic.
  • Some companies saw as much as a 73%-75% revenue increase by Quarter in 2020 due to digital transformation to accommodate independent consultant offerings.
  • In 2020, there was an increase of independent consultants offering their services by 3 times for some companies with demand for services almost doubled.
  • Experts stated "both the big strategy firms as well as the big four + Accenture + Avanade + big tech consultancies - have created their own “white label” platforms with help from companies like MBO Partners and Twago. More big companies like Philips are moving to create their own freelance platform affiliates as a means of extending their access to independent management consultants and other freelance partners," regarding the growth forecast of the market calling it "optimistic."