Research Outline

World of Warcraft: Elements of Top Videos


Identify leading World of Warcraft videos and channels by popularity on YouTube and Twitch, along with whether top influencers utilize YouTube and Twitch separately or in tandem, to help determine common factors that increase the popularity of videos and inform programming decisions on a World of Warcraft channel.

Early Findings

Leading Channels on Twitch

  • Asmongold is the top-streamed World of Warcraft (WoW) influencer on Twitch with 7,275,204 viewer hours. On YouTube, Asmongold has 440,000 subscribers and posts at least once a day. Asmongold's posts on YouTube appear to include some streams from Twitch and some new content.
  • Sodapoppin has the second-most popular Twitch stream with 5,072,075 viewer hours (not all of his content is World of Warcraft-related). On YouTube, Sodapoppin has 1.08 million subscribers and posts about once a month on a variety of topics. His posts on YouTube appear to be videos of him speaking.
  • The third-highest Twitch streamer that plays WoW is Quin69, with 2,329,620 viewer hours. On YouTube, Quin69 has 163,000 subscribers but has not posted for several months.

Leading YouTube Channels

Summary of Early Findings in Relation to Goals

The research team began by seeking to identify what channels on Twitch and YouTube had the highest popularity. The top three Twitch streams were sampled, finding that only one (Asmongold) had active crossover activity with its YouTube channel. The research team then sampled leading YouTube channels based around World of Warcraft using this list as a starting point, with Preach Gaming being the standout for crossover content between the two platforms. Some of the most popular channels were noted above.

The research team can continue collecting data based on the videos of these top influencers as requested. For a complete understanding of developing the best current material for a World of Warcraft channel, we recommend looking at the most popular videos from leading influencers as well as looking at the most recent content released by these influencers. We can also do in-depth studies of individual videos.