Research Outline

Ambrosia Apple Consumption


To help quantify the market opportunity for Ambrosia apples outside of Canada by identifying the market size for Ambrosia apples in dollars and tonnage consumed in the US (by region, such as state) and other top consuming countries (e.g., China, Vietnam).

Early Findings

Initial Findings

  • According to Sutherland Produce, the largest markets for Ambrosia apples apart from China and the US are Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Dubai.
  • Specifically in the US, Ambrosia is among the top apples by sales, with the apple variety ranking as one of the top 10 apples in 2015 in terms of overall sales. Also that year, Ambrosia apples were the top apple variety in terms of volume lift on promotion.
  • Similarly, Fresh Plaza reports that Ambrosia was ranked as one of top 10 apple varieties by sales in the US in 2016, and became the eighth top-selling apple type in 2017.
  • More recently, however, in 2018 and 2019, Ambrosia apples lost their ranking as one of the top 10 apple varieties in the country.
  • However, Fresh Fruit Portal reports that Ambrosia apples remain the third most popular premium apple variety in America.