Enterprise Data Challenges


To understand the challenges that large enterprises face in managing and optimizing data, including pain points for practitioners in data business and technology, and related technology issues that enterprises face when developing their data strategy.

Early Findings

One of the key challenges in enterprise level data is data integration- specifically with organizations that have only moved some of their data to the cloud and are working in hybrid environments.

Data quality was also noted to be a large source of frustration for enterprise level clients, with 61% surveyed noting quality of data was a barrier to projects.
Data protection is also a key challenge, with many businesses on the defense due to increasing public scrutiny, and increased regulation around data use.

Related to this, data transparency is also a key challenge, with 73% of US consumers “very interested in knowing what companies are doing with their data”, companies are more compelled to deliver reports to customers about the details of their data usage.
Data governance, specifically the challenges of meeting growing and frequently shifting government and industry regulations is also a pain point for businesses.

The struggle to find meaningful results within data management processes is also a key challenge related to data optimization, as new technologies do not always yield deliberate and actionable data results.

Similarly, data volume seems to be a challenge, with 10% of businesses surveyed struggling to manage the volume of their data and hone in on useful data sources.

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