Traditional SIEM vs Cloud SIEM


To validate some hypothesis concerning the implementation of cloud-based SIEM vs traditional SIEM.

Early Findings

SIEM Tools – hypothesis

  • According to Gartner analyst Oliver Rochford, the implementation of SIEM was already complicated in 2014, with a high frequency of failed and stalled deployments.
  • It was not longer able to fulfil the security needs of modern corporations.
  • Traditional SIEMs are not longer able to deal with an increasing volume, complexity, and speed of data.

Infrastructure costs – hypothesis

  • According to a survey, 69% of companies covered by the study were found to find SIEM too expensive.
  • The breakdown of the cost of SIEM is 25% initially, then 75% for installation, maintenance and staffing.
  • A survey found that 64% of companies spent over $1 million a year in costs related to SIEM.

Staffing – hypothesis

  • A survey found that 78% of companies only employed one staff member dedicated to SIEM.
  • Another study found that 44% of companies lacked specialized staff able to run a SIEM efficiently.

Barriers to the cloud – hypotheses

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