Research Outline

Employee Benefits Market


To understand the employee benefits market. This will include:
  • The size of the market
  • Market growth rate
  • Market segmentation
  • Companies

Early Findings

Data Availability

Preliminary research found that there is a wealth of information on this topic.

Market Size and Growth


  • The employee benefits market can be categorized into two segments which are:
    • Mandated Benefits: This includes perks such as social security insurance, worker's compensation, and unemployment insurance.
    • Sponsored Benefits: This includes "insurance, benefits, retirement benefits, medical assistance benefits, and expatriate benefits."

Top Employee Benefits Consulting Firms

  • Ten of the top employee benefits consulting firms in the U.S. are:
    • Precision Benefits Group
    • Rittenhouse Benefits
    • Business Benefits Group (BBG)
    • Portland Benefits Group
    • Gregory & Appel
    • Axcet HR Solutions
    • Brown & Brown of Det
    • CSNW Benefits
    • Cornerstone Insurance Group
    • Benefit Pro


  • Within the initial hour of research, we found data on the size of the global employee benefits market, its growth rate, and market segmentation. We also found data on the continental breakdown of this market.
  • Furthermore, we found a list of 10 of the top employee benefits consulting firms in the U.S. However, information on the segmentation of this market and the size of the U.S. market was not found during the initial hour of research. Therefore, we propose further hours of research for a deeper search to provide information specific to the U.S. with the following proposals below.
  • Note that we chose a U.S. scope for this research giving that no geographical scope was indicated. However, if a wider scope is required, it should be indicated in the comment box(es) below each proposal.