Research Proposal

Google Education Business Analysis


To understand Google's business and products surrounding parents, children and/or education, in order to identify potential opportunities or ways in which a children's digital education company can add value to Google.

Early Findings

Here are Google's products designed for parents, children and/or education:

YouTube Kids

  • YouTube Kids is an alternative version of YouTube, a new version of Google's video streaming service aimed specifically at children, which was launched in February 2015.
  • This Google service has faced backlash regarding several cases of inaproppriate content for kids.

Family Link

  • Family Link is Google's parental control software which lets parents block or approve app download and limit device usage. This software was launched in 2017 and is designed specifically for monitoring Android phones.


G Suite for Education

  • G Suite for Education is a free collection of tools designed for educators and students. Among the benefits this service offers are better in-classroom and out-of-classroom connectivity, various accessibility features and secure document storage.
  • This Google's service is also facing backlash. Recently, New Mexico has filed a lawsuit against Google for suspicions that it excessively invades children's privacy through its G Suite tools, which are available in shools state-wide.

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