Research Outline

Pet and Veterinarian Facilities


To determine the number of facilities in the US and Canada for: pet boarding, kennels, daycare, grooming facilities; and veterinarian facilities in order to understand market size for a possible new business launch.

Early Findings

Our initial research on pet and veterinarian facilities in the US revealed insights. Here are the key pieces of information we found:

Pet and Veterinarian Facilities:


  • There are approximately 133,000 pet boarding, kennels, daycare, and grooming facilities in the US.
  • The estimated market size by revenue for the pet grooming and boarding market in the US is $9 billion dollars. This market has no major players with a market share that is greater than 5%.
  • The are approximately 30,000 veterinarian facilities in the US. The majority of US veterinarians work in private clinical practice.