Research Outline

Managing Diabetes with Digital Avenue


Investigate the demographic features of type-II diabetic individuals, and how digital experience (such as websites and mobile applications) plays a role in the management of diabetes mellitus (T2DM). Do diabetic individuals (age 50 and above) prefer to use websites or mobile applications? Present the data with statistics from surveys and scientific publications; in order to better understand the consumer market for a potential launch of the digital product. Outline a list of web-, and mobile-based applications available, highlight their respective features, research on consumers, and user feedback.

Early Findings

Multiple self-monitoring digital technologies for the management of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) have demonstrated a reduction in blood glucose levels, along with improvement in healthy eating behaviors, and physical exercise.

I. Applications for the management of Diabetes Mellitus

1. Nutrition apps:

  • Users can look-up nutritional values on carbohydrates, fat, protein, and energy content; and accordingly manage meal planning and insulin dose adjustment
  • Examples of apps include: Carbs and Cals , CarbControl , Foodily , Healthy , Low Carb Program

2. Physical activity apps:

3. Glucose monitoring apps:

  • Users can log patients' glucose data, which can assist patients with better management of glucose control. The application charts blood glucose levels and enables sharing with friends and healthcare providers.
  • Besides logging blood glucose levels, some applications also provide features such as medication tracking, carbohydrate, and insulin intake tracker, barcode scanner
  • Examples include: Dexcom Share , Diabetic , Diabetes Companion , Diabetes in Check , Glooko Mobile App , Tidepool Mobile

4. Insulin titration apps:

5. Insulin delivery apps:

Insulin pumps and smartpens gather data on insulin delivery, which is integrated with applications that also gather information on blood glucose levels. These applications provide better decision support for the management of diabetes.

6. Other:

Results of other clinical trials investigating the efficacy of other digital avenues for the management of diabetes mellitus can be found in the table here.

II. Websites/Programs for the management of Diabetes Mellitus

Research Strategy:

Please note that the purpose of this research strategy document is to: (i) translate the client's questions into addressable research aims; (ii) conduct one-hour preliminary research; (iii) highlight applications related to the management of diabetes mellitus, which shall serve as a groundwork for Wonder researchers; and (iv) outline a research strategy based on two broad project scopes. Our preliminary search through one-hour indicated that information regarding web-based platforms is limited and outdated. Lately, mobile-based applications are the mainstream arena for the management of diabetes. Here we presented different areas where diabetes management is directly or indirectly required, such as the management of nutrition/calorie intake, physical exercise log, medications, and insulin intake, and blood glucose measurements. In-depth research is required to elaborate on the outlined project scopes.