Research Outline

Productization of Utilities


To understand how companies in the utilities space (especially in the Natural Gas industry) are innovatively packaging and promoting utilities as a product. The innovation around utilities productization can be in terms of unique pricing models, pricing strategies, delivery mechanisms, products and services. Examples/case studies from niche brands or parts of the world is preferred.

Early Findings

Our initial hour of research suggests that while there are lots of material on the concept of utility productization, actual case studies of companies that are productizing utilities are limited.


  • Wattie is a real-time "energy data generation, aggregation and analyzing platform to generate actionable insights for energy consumption optimization."
  • Wattie is a Netherland- and Pakistan-based startup that aims to deliver detailed analytics regarding home energy usage directly to an individual’s smartphone.
  • Wattie is "a robust hardware which takes 120,000 samples of current and voltage from all phases every single second, makes necessary calculations and transmits the data to the company's servers", a portion of which is sent to the mobile application.
  • Wattie promises consumers that they will save 3-13% of energy costs with its real-time energy consumption monitoring and up to 50% with its personalized recommendation and notifications.


  • We were able to find an example of a startup productizing services around residential electricity use during our initial research.
  • To find more of such examples and case studies, additional research is required. Details on our recommended research paths have been provided in our proposals below. Please select one or more proposals from those provided.