Research Proposal

Innovation Research Gaps


To find gaps in the research in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Early Findings

Some top innovation journals include the Journal of Innovation & Knowledge, the International Journal of Innovation, the European Journal of Innovation Management, and the Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

A recent call for paper for innovative topics that has been launched recently by the journal includes the following subjects:
  • Digital transformation in concert with design thinking
  • Design thinking’s impact on business model innovation
  • Dynamics among people, culture, and technology through a design-thinking lens
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems in design-thinking context
  • Design thinking’s place in quadruple/quintuple innovation helix architecture
  • Design thinking’s role in achieving smart, sustainable, and inclusive growth

European Journal of Innovation Management

  • The European Journal of Innovation Management has published in 2018 a call for papers for studies on how and why digital technologies can be used by companies to improve or manage the innovation process.
  • The Journal has acknowledged that very few studies explained this relationship, and that the literature focused more on the technological perspective of digital innovation, rather the managerial aspect.

Journal of Innovation & Knowledge

  • Some topics for innovation research that could be further developed in this journal include company-to-company linkages that enable open innovation, as well as their relation to different dimensions of knowledge.
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