Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage Customers


In order to inform market research, create a list of 10 customers that utilize Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage.

Early Findings

Ten companies that utilize Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage are Site Tour 360, MayStreet, Arq, OffsiteDataSync, On Call Computer Solutions, 7 Wonders Cinema, iQ Media, Kaleidoscope, Catawba College, and the Kim Komando Show. All customers note the large amount of storage for a low price as the main reason why they utilize Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage.

Site Tour 360

  • Site Tour 360 utilizes Wasabit Hot Cloud Storage for "low cost, fast and reliable primary and archive storage."


  • MayStreet utilizes Wasabi storage "for affordable, fast and reliable secondary storage. The company archives data to Wasabi to free up on- premises storage capacity and protect its business-critical data for a fraction of the price of alternative solutions."



  • OffsiteDataSync utilizes Wasabi storage in conjunction with "Veeam® Backup & Replication, to power its new cloud-based data archiving service, ODS Chilled®."

On Call Computer Solutions

  • On Call Computer Solutions saved $7,000 per year by switching to CloudBerry Managed Backup in conjunction with Wasabi Storage.

7 Wonders Cinema

  • 7 Wonders Cinema utilizes Wasabi Storage to store all their archived videos due to the fact that Wasabi allowed them more storage space than other companies.

iQ Media

  • IQ Media is projected to save over $100K per year by utilizing Wasabi Storage to store "six years of television and news across the United States, Canada, Europe, and parts of South America" which enables their AI marketing intelligence platform.


  • Kaleidoscope utilizes "Nimbix to index the raw data and Wasabi for storing the processed HD visual data" in order to process and store mass quantities of unstructured data so that clients can access it anytime.

Catawba College

  • Catawba College chose Wasabi Storage to "archive point-in-time backups that they need to store for years" due to the fact that Wasabi, unlike other cloud storage providers, charges no transaction fees.

Kim Komando Show

  • The Kim Komando Show utilizes Wasabi Storage to "extend the broadcaster’s on premises network-attached storage (NAS) investments and eliminate the hassles and inconsistencies of tape-based data backup and recovery solutions."

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