Research Outline

Watson Furniture Desks


To provide a spreadsheet analysis of most common desk options from the collections at Watson's Furniture which includes features, price, dimensions, colors, brand, and other relevant data

Early Findings

When desk offerings are sorted by relevance on the Watson's furniture website, the top listed items are the C9 desk, Bahn desk, Tia series, Tonic series, Seven series, and Miro series.

The C9 desk starts at $1,400, with price increasing based on features, such as adjustable legs, custom colors, and add ons such as file cabinets or desk screens.

The Bahn desk is height adjustable and starts at $1,790, with features including end panels and desk screens.

The Tia series includes the Tia Office table, Tia Conference table, and Tia Team table, with the office table being most like a traditional desk, and prices starting at $6,100. The Tia line adjusts to work as individual and group work spaces.

The Tonic series includes the Tonic Bench, Tonic Conference Table, Tonic Simple Media, and Tonic Simple Table. The series is highly customizable, with simple tables starting at $1,010.

The Seven series includes the Seven Workbench, the Seven Desk, Seven Meeting Table, and Seven Flip Table.
Prices for Seven desks start at $1,690 before add on features.

The Miro series includes the Miro Conference Desk, Miro Meeting Table, Miro Desk, and Miro Flip Table. The Miro individual desktops start at $1600.

Most Watson Furniture desk options are not standard, but rather highly customizable with choice of several different shapes, features, sizes, and adjustability options. Prices and features range widely even within individual product lines.

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