The Top 25 Largest Foundations


To identify a list of the top 25 largest foundations with their yearly marketing spend.

Early Findings

The Top 15 Foundations (by Total Assets)

The Top 10 Largest Community Foundations (by Total Assets)


  • For the initial hour, we tried identifying as much of the requested information as possible. We were mainly able to identify the top 15 largest foundations, as well as the top 10 largest community foundations in the US by total assets in order to provide a total of 25 foundations.
  • The information is based on 2015 data, which was the latest available information from the Foundation Center (now Candid), which has the most comprehensive data available on grantmakers.
  • The initial research also suggests that insights on the yearly marketing spend or their spend on digital marketing/channels for each foundation does not appear to be immediately available. However, we can continue to research this further if this is of interest.
  • In the course of our research, we also came across more general statistics on nonprofit marketing, which might also be of interest as an alternate research path.
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