Oculus Quest Marketing Channels


To find the most popular places that Oculus Quest users find out about new experiences.

Early Findings

  • Wishful, a OQ game designer, has a YouTube channel with more than 20,000 subscribers. He releases videos frequently discuss new games, new tech and so on.
  • Cas and Cherry VR is another YouTube channel that profile games, gear and more. They live stream games at least once a week and have over 35,000 subscribers.
  • SteveKnows has 16,800 subscribers and plays games (including live streams) on his OQ.
  • Virtual Reality Oasis reviews several VR headsets, games, tech and more. He has 238,000 subscribers.
  • Forums for Oculus Quest fans include, the official website, XDA Developers, Reddit and AVForums.
  • While there are no Oculus Quest-specific magazines (or magazine websites), there are several devoted to VR gaming: VR Today, Road to VR, AR VR Magazine, VR Scout, Upload VR and VR Focus.
  • Feedspot has a listing of "top" VR gamers on YouTube. However, the list would need to be screened to find those who focus on Oculus Quest.

Proposed next steps:

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