Japanese men: Media Consumption


To obtain information on the media/channel/platform consumption and behavior of Japanese males aged 25-45.

Early Findings

  • According to an article from Humble Bunny, a Japanese consultation company, the top social media platforms among Japanese users as an overall percentage of the population are Twitter (36%), Instagram (23%), and Facebook (22%). The percentage of Japanese males aged 20-49 that use the above social networks is as follows.
- Twitter: 26% (8.3+7.5+10.2)
- Facebook: 29.9% (9.6+9.9+10.4)
- Instagram: 26% (8.3+7.5+10.2)
  • The article further states the demographics of Facebook are mostly older males, and that there has been a noticeable drop in female users in their teens and twenties. 56.3% of Facebook users are male and 74.2% are over 30.
  • While not specifically related to males, Statista shows that Japanese adults aged 18-34 spend 6 hours daily consuming media content. For the 35-49 age group, it was 4.9 hours.
  • According to Santander Trade, half of the Japanese population use social media regularly. They mainly watch videos and follow influencers for opinions on products. In addition, nearly 75% of Japanese consumers check social media before buying certain products.
  • Line is the most popular messaging app in Japan with over 60% of the entire population actively using the app. Line is targeted at both males and females aged 10-50.

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