Epidemiological Data


To obtain sources that provide epidemiological data by region in the EU5 countries (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom), in order to target marketing more effectively.

Early Findings

  • The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control publishes epidemiological reports on a variety of diseases. Although the resource was not examined in depth, it seems to mostly cover communicable diseases.
  • The World Health Organization provides health data by country, but does not appear to go to the regional level within countries.
  • As these search results demonstrate, much of the data appears to be provided in studies that are done on individual diseases. Therefore, more specific data may be found if the focus was on a specific list of diseases.
  • The University of Illiniois Library provides a list of resources for epidemiology and health statistics.
  • A 2015 study provided an overview of epidemiological databases that are available. It appears there are close to 20 provided.


  • The Portail Epidemiologie France Health Databases provides an online catalogue of databases in France that provide epidemiology data.
  • The Sante Publique France provides data on disease prevalence in France. There also appears to be a regional tool although it may be limited to certain users as the link was not active.


  • The Robert Koch Institute provides a resource which provides cancer statistics that can be selected based on wide range of criteria, but not region.
  • A study published in 2016 provided data on regional differences in cardiovascular disease within Germany.


  • Public Health England provides many statistics on health, some are general and others are related to specific diseases.

Summary of Findings Relative to Goals

  • Although a variety of relevant databases were found, an examination of each to determine whether regional data was provided was not completed due to time constraints.
  • Research seems to indicate that much of the regional data could be available in studies done on specific diseases, rather than reported in general databases. An example is the study found on regional differences in cardiovascular disease in Germany.

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