News & Social Media Updates


Recent news and social media updates for the Anheuser-Busch, Harman International, Boehringer Ingelheim, Gap, Twitch, Mastercard, and American Eagle, as well as, the advertising and neuromarketing industry as a whole. This must be updates within the last two weeks.

Early Findings


  • On social media, one of the most talked-about about in reference to advertising is the fact that "anti-smoking experts accused Juul of targeting teens in its advertising."
  • Another one of the most-discussed topics is about how the new front group which advertised on "Politico Playbook this week against pharmaceutical price controls is bankrolled by pharmaceutical industry money (laundered through a series of rightwing think tanks)."
  • Jameela Jamil is another trending topic on social media, in reference to advertising. She was supposedly one of the main reasons Instagram changed its advertising policies. Instagram consulted with her for its new advertising policy.
  • According to an article by Forbes written on September 27, 2019, blockchain is now affecting the marketing and advertising industry. Blockchain is reportedly reducing the fraud in the advertising industry.
  • An article published on September 29, 2019, mentions that " 2019 will generate $857 million in OTT advertising revenue, and will further increase nearly 148% to $2.13 billion by 2024."

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