Voice-Assisted Technology and Podcasting


Obtain information on audio listeners that are using voice to access podcasts. The insights will be used to develop best practices.

Early Findings

Voice-Assisted Technology and Podcasting

  • NPR provides a variety of podcasts.
  • Around 37 million listeners who tune in to NPR podcasts each week use voice-assistant-enabled devices to listen to these broadcasts.
  • Streaming in smart audio devices also resulted in an "8% increase in the number of hours" that listeners spend listening to online broadcasts.
  • From 2014 to 2018, the listeners of NPR podcasts increased by over 100%.
  • Each month, NPR podcasts has around 130 million downloads from 16 million listeners.
  • Around 66% are using voice-assistant-enabled speakers to access entertaining podcasts.
  • Around 88% of people that listen to NPR's podcasts mentiomed that they have acted as a result of a sponsor advertisement on NPR podcasts.
  • Successful companies in the smart speaker sector are discovering creative techniques to establish brand loyalty in this distinct and newly-established environment.
  • Peppercorn Media has created a "Word of the Day Quiz" Alexa Skill that they marketed to listeners of "NPR's Flash Briefing" on the Amazon Echo device.
  • Within the first week of the skill launch, over 10,000 people responded by taking quiz.
  • This is equivalent to a 5.5% conversion rate.

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