Outdoor Furniture Market


To find the size of the outdoor furniture retail market in the US, identify key players in the market, provide a competitive landscape, provide market dynamics, growth opportunities, and challenges in the market.

Early Findings

Statista Data

  • The outdoor furniture retail sales in the US:
  • 2020 saw a contraction of 7.26% (4.96B-4.6B/4.96B) in retail sales of outdoor furniture.

Home Furnishing News Estimate

  • According to the "2019 State of the Industry, by Home Furnishings News" report, the residential outdoor furniture market grew by 4.8% to $5.09 billion in 2018.


Based on the initial hour of research (which includes drafting the proposals), the market size of sub-categories within the outdoor furniture market in the US is unlikely to be publicly unavailable.

Research proposal:

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