Value/Transaction Brands in the Heating and Cooling Space


To determine revenue or units sold by value/transactional brands in the heating and cooling category.

Early Findings

Proposed next steps:

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As the initial hour of research showed that sales/revenue information for value/transactional brands in the heating and cooling space are largely not available, we propose switching the research to learn more about the brands. We will complete two competitive landscapes, one for Goodman, and Oxbox, and one for Byrant, and Carrier. In the landscape will will include an overview, the name of the parent company (if the company is a subsidiary), a product list or description of products offered, 2-3 examples of products, including prices or price ranges (if available), and each company's competitive advantage.
Additionally, we suggest research to find 2-3 trends in the heating and cooling space. We will focus on value/transactional brands but if trends for that specific segment do not exist, we will expand to include the entire heating and cooling space. For each trend, we will provide One: what the trend is, Two: why it is a trend (why we chose it), and Three: 1-2 examples of a company leaning into this trend.