Research Outline

U.S. Food Truck Operations


To obtain information on the costs, requirements, best practices, potential partners, and activations of food trucks in the U.S. for the purposes of exploring market entry and brand strategy.

Early Findings

Preliminary research found information on initial and ongoing costs and staffing needs for a food truck. Further research will be necessary for the remaining aspects of running a food truck.



  • Food Truck Empire offers the following ongoing costs for a food truck, but notes that the actual costs will vary based on needs, location, and type of truck/food:


  • Food Truck Empire states that the following costs are too variable to estimate without knowing food costs, frequency of operation, number of employees, and minimum wage:


  • Most food trucks can hold between two and seven employees; however, 59% of food trucks only have 2-3 employees in the truck at any one time.
  • Another 27% have 4-6 employees in the truck at any one time.
  • The number of employees will differ based on service needs. For instance, if a food truck only heats and serves food, there will need to be employees at the restaurant who prepare the food and employees in the truck to heat and serve the food. If the truck prepares, cooks, and serves the food, staffing needs may be higher in the truck.
  • Positions that will need to be filled in a food truck are service window attendants, managers, chefs/cooks, kitchen workers, and a driver (some areas require a separate driver for food trucks).

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