Research Proposal

Influencer Marketing Strategy; Oribe, Ouai & Kerastase


To get a comprehensive overview of the influencer marketing strategy applied by Oribe, Ouai, Kerastase. The client will use this piece of research for crafting a client strategy.

Early Findings

The first hour of research unveiled the following information about Oribe, Ouai, and Kerastase:


  • The influencer marketing strategy of Oribe focuses on multiple elements of product promotion. One of the most crucial elements of their influencer strategy is to highlight the expertise of the influencers in the industry; this is to lure more and more consumers and to sound appealing to the mass audience. For example, the October influencer video campaign included beauty experts like Deepica Mutyala and Jade Kendle.
  • Oribe uses a basic promotional tactic, which is promoting influencers through the Backstage blog by posting interviews from celebs and influencers. These blog posts feature different products from Oribe; this also drives online sales for the brand.
  • The influencer campaigns are aired on both the company website and across all social media platforms of the brand. Additionally, the influencers also post videos about Oribe products and campaigns.
  • According to Caitlin Gaffey, Vice President of Marketing, Oribe Hair Care, the brand sorts to reach to a wide variety of ethnicities and for which they "cast a diverse group of experts in the beauty industry to speak directly to a wide range of ethnicities and ages, and most importantly, hair textures." The influencer campaigns feature "brand's latest launches and hero products."


  • Ouai follows a unique influencer marketing approach; it does not rely on paying influencers to promote its products; instead, it has strengthened its product strategy to appeal to the influencers naturally.
  • The brand has a broad influencer community, from super influencers to celebrities, everyone seems to be promoting Ouai's products.
  • OUAI Haircare promotes its wide range of products by teaming up with the best beauty experts and influencers. The brand shares its campaign videos across all social media channels to maintain more credibility and to showcase an active image of the brand.
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