Research Outline

Importance of Waste Reduction/Elimination to Consumers


To understand, from the consumer's perespective, how important it is for brands to mention that they are 'eliminating or reducing waste' in their operations. In more general terms, to obtain statistics that depict the extent to which social or ecological impacts from brands influence modern consumers' purchasing decisions.

Early Findings

  • According to a CSR study conducted by Cone Communications in 2017, 63% of Americans hope that businesses will play a leading role in driving social and environmental change in the absence of government regulation.
  • 87% of consumers will buy a product because a brand advocated for an issue that they care about.
  • Majority (76%) of consumers will not patronize a company if they discover that the brand "supported an issue contrary to their beliefs".
  • In the survey, 92% of consumers revealed that they are more likely to trust companies that support environmental or social issues.
  • Job development was the most important issue, mentioned by 94% of consumers, in the Cone Communications report.
  • Other important issues were cost of higher education, immigration, climate change, gun control, and LGBTQ rights.