Wearable Biosensors for Heart Rate


To gather information on the available wearable biosensors to measure heart rate, including their cost and reliability. The information will be used to help monitor the health of workers and improve their safety.

Early Findings

Proposed next steps:

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As the initial research covered some of the best wearable devices for monitoring heart rate, we propose continuing the research to provide additional 5-7 wearable devices that accurately monitor heart rate. For each device found, we will provide the name and brand of the device, a description of its features, accuracy perception, and its price.
Alternatively, we could provide 5-7 pieces of data that contain information on how doctors feel and/or think about wearables, specifically for measuring heart rate. Data could include the usefulness of these devices to doctors, if they recommend a specific brand, how accurate these wearable monitors really are, etc.
We'd also recommend providing 2-3 benefits of equipping employees with wearable devices. Benefits could include improvements in performance, engagement with work, risk lowering, and/or productivity enhancements, among others.