Website Redesign Considerations


To understand the key considerations for small and mid-size businesses looking to design or redesign their website in order to effectively position a website design service that will appeal to small and mid-size businesses.

Early Findings

  • According to a survey of small business owners, the most important needs for small businesses when it comes to their website are high-quality web content and increased mobility.
  • Small businesses are increasingly relying on data to make website design changes. The data they rely on may be internal data on customer habits or external data or studies/case studies showing a particular design change would increase engagement or conversion.
  • Small business owners are more interested in result-oriented design changes, relying on data that gives them insight on where to focus resources.
  • Search engine optimization, a mobile-friendly website, and a responsive website are other top factors that are important to small business owners when designing a website.
  • Small businesses prioritize website design agencies that create goal-oriented web designs that fits their unique goals and that understands that they require more than just a beautiful design. Companies prefer web design agencies that understand the need to create a design that helps them achieve their online marketing goals and that takes their customer journey into account.

Proposed next steps:

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Our initial research didn't turn up any objective data about key considerations small or midsized business take into account when looking for a company to build them a new website or redesign their existing website. While there are dozens of resources and advice on what small businesses should take into account when trying to redesign their website, objective or survey/study-backed data on what they actually take into account was unavailable. Our research team decided to look into what small and mid-size businesses currently prioritize in terms of their website design and structure currently. We were able to find a survey of small business owners and a couple of insights detailing what small business owners currently perceive as important. Since most small businesses already have a website, their current website preferences are likely what they would be looking for when they want to redesign their website. Hence, we recommend dedicating more research to find additional insight into what small/mid-size businesses prioritize when it comes to their website design or redesign.