Avid Gamer PC Purchasing Influencers


To build a list of websites and online communities most influence avid gamers when buying a personal computer, including why they are relevant and how they influence gamers, as well as examples of brands that have effectively advertised to the communities.

Early Findings

Gaming Purchasing Decisions Overview

  • Some 70% of gamers watch online video content in search of tips and solutions.
  • Fully 34% of gamers play video games exclusively on mobile devices.
  • Gamers' purchasing decisions are influenced by YouTube videos (39%), online community user reviews (30%), professional reviews at online magazines (29%), and streaming (20%), according to the "2019 Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry" report.

Gaming Communities

  • Tech Radar offers a list of the top gaming computers (updated for 2019).
  • Dell Alienware, one of the top gaming computers from the Tech Radar list, did a print advertising campaign in 2017 featuring the realistic images produced by the machines.

Research proposal:

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