Travel Trends - United States


To identify the travel trends observed in the United States during the last week, including the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic to create a presentation with the latest travel trend in the country.

Early Findings

  • An increase in car travel, greater health safety measures, and a different behavior during the 4th of July holiday are among the trends observed during the week from June 29 to July 6, 2020.

Car Travel

  • Different surveys and reports point out to the same trend; Americans are increasing their plans to travel by car. According to a Nissan survey, 71% of Americans would prefer to travel by car than by air during the summer of 2020.
  • Another survey, performed by MMGY Global, reported that 74% of those surveyed felt safer traveling in their cars.
  • Similar findings were reported by AAA, in which it was estimated that 97% of trips during the 4th of July weekend would be road trips.
  • Peter Greenberg, the travel editor at CBS News comments that most Americans traveling in July are doing so by car, staying within a 100 miles radius from their home.
  • Another trend Greenberg has observed is an increase in RV rentals, as these help minimize the number of stops during a road trip, the use of a hotel, and even stopping to eat at a restaurant. This is supported by data reported in the Nissan survey, according to which 34% are more likely to invest in renting an RV or a boat during this summer.
  • Furthermore, according to the same survey, 28% of Americans would be considering buying a vehicle that has the capacity to tow, showing a long-term interest in road transportation.

Summary of Findings

  • We used this initial hour of research to assess the availability of the information, limiting the timeframe of our search to the period between June 29 and July 6.
  • We have provided information for the trend observed referent to increased road trips. While we also identified trends regarding health safety considerations and a different 4th of July travel behavior, we did not have time to address these trends during this initial hour. We could do so with additional research.

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